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From a dream of a high school student to make her charming motherland known to the world, the idea of VietnamOnline was born from her own hands-on experience after days of meandering through Vietnam with her freshly made backpacker friends through international travel network. Started in 1997, the website is among the oldest, and yet most frequently updated, about VIetnam Travel and yet contain the most massive guide to major tourist destinations in Vietnam.We aim at acting as the largest resource for travelers finding information about Vietnam and offering the most comprehensive travel service where you can make ticket and hotel reservation, book holiday packages, cruise tours, transfers or even just seek local advice. In every second, we know that somewhere in the world, there are many people who has yet to know about what Vietnam has to offer, and maybe as many, who are considering a trip to Vietnam without knowing where to start. It is our ultimate dream to inspire you with a Vi..

Travel Vietnam
At Travel Vietnam our mission is to provide an authentic travel experience that intimately connects you to the cultures of Southeast Asia. From the big picture to the tiniest detail, our expert, English-speaking guides share the Indochina of the people, making you a special guest on a one-of-a-kind vacation you will never forget. Our hardworking and hospitable staff are dedicated to crafting an authentic travel experience that takes you into the heart of Indochina. Operating throughout Southeast Asia, with five offices in four countries (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar), Travel Vietnam is the choice for premier international clientele. We offer private tours at affordable prices and invite you to work with our expert travel consultants to customize the dream vacation that accommodates your schedule, budget and personal interests. Join us and share in the magic and mystery of Vietnam and Indochina.

BBC vietnam
BBC travel page on vietnam

VisitViet.com has good ideas about fun things to do in Vietnam and travel information for trips in and out of Vietnam.

My Vietnam Visa
My Vietnam Visa is a private/commercial website (a travel company) offering advice, information, and visa-on-arrival approval letter for individuals, families, and businesses in need of Vietnamese visas.

National Geographic
Explore National Geographic. A world leader in geography, cartography and exploration. They cover topics like: national geographic, photography, animals, environment and conservation, exploration, people and culture, history and civilization, science and technology, adventure, travel.

Connect With Your Friends Online. Join the Facebook Community - Free!Connect with old friends · Share your memories · Share photos · Stay in touch with familyBrands: Social Media, Networking, Facebook, Community.

GoMalaysia.info provides local event highlights and fun things to do in Malaysia for a luxury travel experience.

Hub-nz.com is a local news destination for news relating to New Zealand. Whether you are looking for pop headlines, celeb stories or knowledge about New Zealand happenings. We produce our own content covering local news, travel, music and events.

The Guardian
Vietnam | Travel | The Guardian

IManila.net is a technology website focusing on positive growth stories in Asia and Philippines.

TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel site, enabling travelers to plan and book the perfect trip. TripAdvisor offers advice from millions of travelers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to booking tools that check hundreds of websites to find the best hotel prices. TripAdvisor branded sites make up the largest travel community in the world, reaching 340 million unique monthly visitors**, and more than 225 million reviews and opinions covering more than 4.9 million accommodations, restaurants and attractions. The sites operate in 45 countries worldwide. TripAdvisor also includes TripAdvisor for Business, a dedicated division that provides the tourism industry access to millions of monthly TripAdvisor visitors.

Indo-beat.com provides regularly updated articles, live news feeds and links to the essential sites for extensive top 40 pop chart music and entertainment news. All featured content on the site is managed by a dedicated team who strive to publish high quality content from a fresh and exciting, yet informative perspective.

SkyLabs.info offers regular updates and the site has built a loyal and growing group of followers. These updates include market headlines, as well as technology, science and business developments. All written articles on the website are done by a loyal collection of editors who strive to publish top quality content from a unique and educational mindset.

7 best places to visit in Vietnam

WhatBiz.co brings you a global market overview, ideas about venture capital, technology, investing and policy, focusing on the business aspects of global financial markets research, global spending, market analysis, salary surveys, and career advice, time management tips and techniques.

Y-Thai.net produces updated articles, news feeds and links to the essential sites for the latest information from airlines, travel guides and experienced travellers and a whole lot more, meaning Y-Thai.net is the go-to source for fashion information and insight for Thailand.

lonelyplanet vietnam
A land of staggering natural beauty and cultural complexities, of dynamic megacities and hilltribe villages, Vietnam is both exotic and compelling.

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